Why PV?

The future of recruiting is here… By attending a virtual job fair, in a single night you can meet hundreds if not thousands of new candidates online who are qualified, without traveling to a hotel or setting up a booth. With our numerous methods of advertising and candidate sourcing we bring qualified candidates to you.

  1. Advertising is based on hiring needs of each company.
  2. We host our virtual job fairs in the evening so even employed candidates can log in.
  3. You can live chat with candidates during event with video chat as an option as well.
  4. Social media and technology have changed the way we recruit, let us show you how we have taken this to the next level.
  5. Our team has been conducting job fairs for over 18 years.
  6. Your recruiters/managers will have a dashboard that gives you access to all candidates that registered for the event and what links they clicked on for your booth. You will get name, phone #, email and resume.

Next Generation Recruitment Events

Premier Virtual is a multi-functional SaaS platform designed to facilitate hiring. The Company can host virtual recruitment events for a nationwide audience that can attend these events from a desktop computer or from their smartphone. Recruitment events can be hosted for more than one location at a time, so that large companies with numerous offices across the nation can hire for several positions at once.

At a typical job fair event, PV attains a high level of user engagement, with 1,000 candidates registering and an 82% login ratio, compared to in-person job fairs’ turnout rate of 40% to 50%. The Company can also custom-build software based on clients’ needs, making it highly versatile and customizable. The Company’s technology can be integrated with Recruiterbox, Simplytexting, Ringless VM, and Zoom video conferencing

We Track It All!
Analytics Provided!

For every event that PV hosts, the Company tracks a remarkable amount of valuable data for its clients. Every single action a user takes on the site is logged and can be delivered to corporate clients for a fee. For example, Premier Virtual tracks the following:

  • Candidate resumes
  • Which candidates registered
  • Which candidates logged in
  • Which candidates did not log in
  • Which jobs a candidate viewed
  • Which candidates looked at a company’s social media pages
  • Which candidates visited a company’s website
  • Candidates’ contact information

This user data can be integrated into clients’ Applicant Tracking Systems for remarketing and retargeting purposes.

Endless Applications For Group Events

Whether a hiring event, an online training for employees in different locations, or a nationwide marketing effort to get in front of as many potential people / customers / clients as possible, Premier Virtual can be customized to fit the use of your Company's virtual event needs.

Marketing Efforts

We market in several different ways(targeted email campaigns, job boards, social media, colleges, business journals, news/TV, radio stations and the local newspapers!

Each company can have open jobs, social media links, videos and websites that candidates can look at. This is all tracked and the clients can see what data the candidates looked at.